Global News Calgary: CIWB Highlight

Global News Calgary covers the 2024 Calgary Influential Women in Business Awards.

“The community should be very, very proud of the amazing role models we have in Calgary. Calgary is a true enabler, and that is why this is so exciting. Calgary corporations are getting behind this initiative, and it’s helping our community grow,” remarks Heather Culbert, Axis Connects Co-founder and board chair.

Reflecting on her achievement as the recipient of the Large Enterprise Award, Doreen Cole expresses, “Winning this award to me means that I am given the opportunity to represent the many successful women that are part of large business in the energy sector here in Calgary.”

Wendy Beauchesne, recipient of the Social Enterprise Award, shares her thoughts, stating, “As a winner, I do think it is a reflection of the project I get to be a part of, which is the new cancer centre opening in less than 6 months. It is truly going to be a cancer centre built for the community by the community, and if this is a reflection of that, then I am very, very proud.”